May 5, 2008

Chapter Preparation

Please join us in our spiritual preparation for our Provincial Chapter to be held May 19 - 29, 2008. This prayer, that is being prayed daily in each of our communities, was written by one of our Friars. Please join us as we pray:
Heavenly Father,
assembled in Your Name
we graciously ask Your Blessing
on ourselves and our Apostolic work.
As we observe the eighth centenary
of our Carmelite Rule,
grant us Your special grace
to be faithful to it
as we live out our vocation
at the heart of the Church.
Be gracious to us above all at this time
as we prayerfully plan
for the needs of our Province.
May Your Holy Spirit enlighten our minds,
inflame our hearts
and strengthen our wills
to direct our planning to its fulfillment.
These graces we ask
in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son
and through the intercession of Mary,
Mother and Queen of Carmel.

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