August 15, 2009

New Seminarians

On August 10, 2009, our three most recently professed Brothers from Mount Saint Joseph moved to our house in Mount Angel. They will being their seminary studies in preparation for the priesthood this fall. (left to right) Bro. Marinello will begin Theology I and Bro. Charles and Bro. Richard will begin the Pre-Theology Program. Their absence will soon be filled by our two candidates who are entering the Postulancy on September 1. We look forward to Mr. Brett Sharp and Mr. Dusty DeLacey joining the Order of Our Lady.

The Brothers are pictured with two of Mount Saint Joseph's oldest and dearest friends and benafactors, Charles and Betty Harris. They have served the Friars at Mount Saint Joseph for the last 50 years. The Province is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mount Saint Joseph this year.