August 5, 2007

August 5, 2007

Fr. Philip Sullivan, OCD, celebrates his First Mass of Thanksgiving at the Carmel of St. Teresa, Alhambra, California.


Lin said...

Oh my, first - congratulations to Fr. Sullivan. Second of all, Father Adam, I didn't realize you had a blogspot! I will be checking in often then.

Oh, by the way, I am Linda, (birth) mother of Brother Jason.

I know of your friend,Sharon but we attend different masses so haven't actually met yet.

God Bless you, Linda in Oregon

Lin said...

The last was for Father Donald, I think......

Father Adam said...

Thanks, Linda. I know Sharon as well but I will pass on your comment to Fr. Donald.

We hope to see you at Mt. St. Joseph again, soon.

Fr. A

Anonymous said...

Father Philip...Philo! Congratulations! Well, do you remember that you said I wouldn't get married until you became a priest? I just got engaged! Please get in touch with me. I called the number in Oregon and left a message, but you must've been gone already.


Father Adam said...

Hi Frances,
I have forwarded your message to Fr. Philip.
God bless, Fr. Adam